Daily UI #1 ….and new blog

So, first of all, in case anybody was a huge fan of my old blog (Hello to the 3 people out there), I’m doing an overhaul, and starting from scratch here.

The old one started back in 2007, which is a little bittersweet, and I’ll still let it float around the internet, just not going to be updating it anymore.

As far as art updates for me, I’ve started a daily UI challenge, because my graphic design skills need a little help. The first one is a sushi sign up form.



And here is what I’m up to in the drawing zone….

#prismacolor #coloredpencil #workinprogress #drawing

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And…just because I’m so excited about this….I’ve met the most amazing man in the world. I’ve never met someone before who is so passionate, driven, caring, kind, ambitious, sweet, understanding and funny. Life has been a dream since meeting him, and I look forward to every day we have together. 🙂



I think that’s all, I hope you enjoy the new blog!!