Family Drawing Challenge: “Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese”

Here is Mom, Eve, Trinity and myself’s interpretation of “A Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese”


Lobster Lagoon

The second drawing in a collage series I’ve started. Feathered Foliage was the first, the second is a bundle of nautical clutter featuring lobsters and fish.

Watch me finish the lobster drawing!

Family Drawing Challenge Weeks 1-4

Talk about procrastinating on a post @_@ ! Here are four weeks worth of drawings from the weekly family drawing challenge I started. They’re all prompts from the 300 Drawing Prompts Book. Next week will be Mac and Cheese, so if this cracks your crabs, come back to see the cheese.

Week 1: Armadillos

Week 2: The Kraken

Week 3: Banjo

Week 4: Woolly Mammoth

Melty Food Cats



S’more Tiger

I’ve been playing around with drawing some drippy, melty animal food combos, and this is what I’ve come up with so far. An Ocelatte, and a S’more Tiger because it sounded c00l in my head. I sketched these out in pen and used Corel Painter to color.

It’s fun to draw and think of how heavy each object you sketch is and create a false sense of gravity and weight. It’s very soothing and meditative! Hooray for large melting cats! >_>

Why Is My Cat Named Squid??

Squid & Arty

I started this drawing about 2 months ago…!! Pulled it out last night and finished that last boring patch of fur that was left to draw. 😛

This is a portrait of our cat Squid. She’s named Squid because I suggested it as a joke name, and Sam wouldn’t stop calling her that.

It magically clicked one day, and here we are stuck with good ol’ Squid cat.

I drew the portrait on Strathmore Artagain paper with a mix of Prismacolor and Polychromos pencils. Polychromos are great for vibrancy — the Prismacolors hit the highlights and dark areas well.

Squid, 9×12, Colored Pencil


You can see more pet portraits here 🙂


Do you enjoy 90’s Dinos? Apparently I do.

crewEverybody loves the 90’s Right?!? And everybody LOVES dinosaurs?!?! How about a 90’s Dinosaur Cartoon Group? The Jurassic Crew is a thing now, I decided to draw them after feeling the nostagliaz.

I sketched out all these little dudes in pen, and did some Photoshop coloring to make them obnoxiously bright and dank. There are two totally c00l guys, two dweebs and an evil bad guy T-Rex.

Meet the Jurassic Crew…

The EVIL T-Rex
Cool Bronto 😉
Boombox Steggo
Dweebasaur 😦
The whole gang

Thanks for looking at this weirdness…you can see more on my website!

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret


Here is my first complete painting made on Corel Painter (which is a pretty slick program)

It’s Luna from Final Fantasy XV, in the most beautiful scene of the entire game! The colors are just so amazing.

I’m selling prints here
thanks for looking!!