Do you enjoy 90’s Dinos? Apparently I do.

crewEverybody loves the 90’s Right?!? And everybody LOVES dinosaurs?!?! How about a 90’s Dinosaur Cartoon Group? The Jurassic Crew is a thing now, I decided to draw them after feeling the nostagliaz.

I sketched out all these little dudes in pen, and did some Photoshop coloring to make them obnoxiously bright and dank. There are two totally c00l guys, two dweebs and an evil bad guy T-Rex.

Meet the Jurassic Crew…

The EVIL T-Rex
Cool Bronto 😉
Boombox Steggo
Dweebasaur 😦
The whole gang

Thanks for looking at this weirdness…you can see more on my website!


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